Tax Refund

The term casino tax refund may appear as new to many even though this may fail to amaze the experienced online casino players. What is the essence of casino tax refund then? Well, let us begin in this way. Take for instance you are a new winner or even a returnee winner in casino games but in any way, you have got to pay tax for it as this is included in your income earned for that very time. Nevertheless, these forms of taxes can be reverted so as to create an either US resident or non-US residents’ tax refunds. If truth be told, lots of casino games do exist for both United States and non-US residents and these are qualified for by right according to law for casino tax refunds. Which are these games? These include Bingo, game show wins, Keno, Lottery wins, Dog racing or horseracing, slot machine. Well, Black jack tournaments and poker tournaments are also included in this category.

What is the eligibility criterion to qualify for these refunds? Make a note of this that each and everyone is not eligible enough to claim casino tax refunds. IRS, without a shred of doubt, is exceedingly stern in this respect and does maintain its code of conduct exceedingly strictly. It is also enough strict to discern the eligibility criterion. What do all these point out? you must have full awareness and also information on the saga of eligibility or else you or the concerned individual may turn out to be the worst sufferer at the end of the day.

What is the criterion then? The concerned person has to be the winner of a taxable game and that must be from a certified gaming activity since three years. He/she has to hold an IRS form1042-S provided by the casino for which he/she participated in the games. The concerned player has got to be a qualified casino game loser and this is affirmed in Canadian US tax treaty.

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