Ripoff Video Games

Myriad, bought their inventory, slapped their own sticker on the front, and started selling them again. For this reason, the Myriad version is even more rare. Its price in auctions is usually much higher than the Caltron version, even though, technically, they are both the same exact game. Myriad didn’t make any programming changes whatsoever; even the title screen still says Caltron on it. That sticker on the front, let me tell you, that is one expensive sticker. With that bit of trivia, you’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with the Bible? Well, there’s six games on it, all of them suck major shit, and they definitely went for quantity over quality, much like Action 52, although, it’s not THAT bad. Honestly, the games aren’t horrible; they’re just mediocre copycats of other games. Cosmos Cop is a ripoff of Space Harrier;

Balloon Monster is a ripoff of Buster Brothers; Porter is a ripoff of Sakoban; Bookyman is a ripoff of Make Tracks, also known as Crush Roller; Magic Carpet 1001 is, sadly, the most original of all of them. But there is one Bible game on it: Adam and Eve. It’s a two-player co-op game where you fly around on… balloons and try to land on top of… cute little worms. Out of all the games on this cartridge, this is probably the most original. They sure put a new twist on the story. Instead of Adam and Eve being a man and a woman, they’re now asexual twins. Take your guess which is which: the one with green hair, or the one with red skin. Are they aliens or something? Is that why there’s space in the background? The tree of life apparently is now just a few bamboo sticks crossed together. The serpent is now a whole army of balloon-flying worms. And there’s a bird that lays eggs on you.

What kind of bird lays eggs while it’s flying? That’s like a human mother running a marathon and just dropping out a baby. The only other thought is that it’s an egg-shaped piece of shit, but it’s from a bird, so it’d usually be white, which would be the color of an egg, but instead, it’s brown like shit. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I, myself, wouldn’t know how to make a game based on Adam and Eve, but I’d never think to make the forbidden fruit actually count as points. What where they thinking when they came up with this? I guess they were just trying to be really original. Well, nope; actually, it’s a complete ripoff of Balloon Fight. And if you really want to go back further, Balloon fight was very similar in gameplay style to Joust, just with balloons instead of… well… ostriches. So, basically, the game has nothing to do with the Bible. So why am I even bothering to include it as part of Bible Games? Well, here’s a better question: why did they call it Adam and Eve?! Well, that’s the last of the Bible games on the Nintendo consoles.

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