There both of them have lots of comparison between them. And they also have a basic similarity. They are similar in providing entertainment to the people all over the world.

Bingo is the best online casino sites australia and the players can play the games when ever he wishes and it is online. The players can play it from any place of the earth and from any corner of the world. But casino players will have to go to the casinos and then they can get to play. Some of the casinos are remain so crowded that the players have to wait for long hours.

Playing bingo is quite hassle free and easy than the casino games. Another main comparison between the two is that in the bingo website the players can go for the chat with the other players. They have the chat rooms. But the casino players are not very much interested in the chatting.

The players can only tell more effectively that how much bingo is different from the casino games. As it has been that a poker player I not feeling comfortable with the bingos. To him bingo fails to give the at much pleasure and comfort as the poker . Poker is a casino game.

Bingo is the public game. It can be played by any one that’s why it is so popular among all categories of people. As bingo has the chat facility the players can interact with the other players, they can take helps and tip and tricks. But the casinos are not so much fortunate. Sometime they have the chat room but the players are not much interested in those chat rooms.

Bingo is the game which gives total relaxation to the players, but in the casino games the players often chased by the tension and greed to earn more money. But it is also fact that some players are there who play the casino games with the aim of pure fun but that number of people is very less.


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